Volcanic cuisine The name Cuina Volcànica identifies a modern style of cuisine with influences from the Garrotxa region in accordance with modern-day demands, and which is distinguished by the use of traditional products from the region such as: beans, potatoes, buckwheat, snails and truffles among others.

In 1994 the Volcanic Cuisine group, Cuina Volcànica, was formed, with ourselves among the founder members.




Home-style Can Xel eggs
Garrotxina salad (with option of any cold cut sausage)
Salad with mushrooms and truffle oil
Watermelon “gazpacho” with fresh cheese and nuts
Santa Pau beans with sausage
Santa Pau beans with spinach and tender garlic’s oil

Main courses

Sausage with Santa Pau beans
Veal with mushrooms
Pork cheek
Bacon low temperature with Ratafia sauce
Pig’s trotter


Truffle ice cream with mascarpone
La Fageda yoghurt with lemon
Crema catalana

Bread, wine, water and coffee

Price: 20 €

VAT included

Menu for up to 20 people.



The dishes of volcanic cuisine

Salad with mushrooms and truffles oilSalad with mushrooms and truffles oil
Stewed snailsCasseroled snails
Eggs style of the house Can Xel eggs HIGHLIGHTS DISHSTAR DISH !


Pork trotters Pig’s trotters 
Pork cheek  Pork cheek
Truffles ice cream with mascarpone Truffles ice cream with mascarpone